bandsbxtch sent: Hey Bubba can you make me a cupcake ? :D

Um sure!

angeliccaffeine sent: i like you'er pink gummy face *lick* HUG ME!

Ew don’t lick me

angeliccaffeine sent: hey i love you do you love me

Of course I do!! *hugs*

fionnaforever sent: "Where have you been?!"

"We’ll I’ve been traveling around finding things for my latest experiment!"

fionnaforever sent: "Bubba!" Fionna tackled the prince.

He blushes and laughs “hey fionna!”

Anonymous sent: Do you ship Marball/Gumshall?


queenwiththeicyheart sent: Hey there Gumball. Ready for me to take you away to my castle where we will get married and you can bake me things all the time?

Um… No thanks

Anonymous sent: are u ever gonna rp

//Maybe. stop trolling me. send me an actual message and I might.

Anonymous sent: stuff?

anything 8ro.